Journal of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
No.13, Summer 2001

Scenes from "fRAGRANCE OF IRAQ"
an evening for the Ongoing Generation

Ayala Shashoua-Miron

The evening program included a reception with special fragrances and foods typical of Iraq. A woman dressed in the traditional gown, "Izar", greeted the visitors and sprinkled them with "May Ward"(rose-petal extract). They had a chance to taste the famous "Kuba Burgul" and "Sambusak" (thin dough stuffed with ground chick peas) and complete these with "Ba'ba' B'tamer" (dates cookies) and "Ba'ba'and Halkun" for dessert.

The Ongoing Generation Committee with actors

At this point they were ready for the museum tour. It was not a conventional guided tour, but an actual encounter with four colorful figures from Iraqi-Jewish history and folklore. There was a sage on his way to the Yeshiva; a Kurdish immigrant just boarding the plane from Baghdad; a matchmaker, waiting for clients to match up; and a fortune teller with original remedies for each and every problem.
Following the museum tour, the audience gathered in the hall for an event - a short round of greetings and a one-actress show performed by Shosha Goren, an Iraqi born comedian, who portrayed scenes from her motherís and her auntsí lives, both in Iraq and in Israel.

The evening "Fragrance of Iraq" was planned as an opening shot for a series of events planned by the museum and addressed exclusively to people of the younger generation. This series is planned to include a musical event with a young generation of Iraqi musicians, an Iraqi style dressing-up party, a study evening on folklore, an organized trip visiting Iraqi-related sites in Israel, and more.
In the course of the next few weeks we are planning to address the participants in the evening requesting their remarks and suggestions for future activities. We are also considering producing the same evening a second time, since we already have a waiting list of about a hundred and fifty people, who phoned after the evening had been sold out.
The Ongoing Generation Committee will be happy to consider your responses over the idea of creating "A Ongoing Generation" body via mail, fax or e-mail.

The Ongoing Generation Committee Members: Orly Bahar; Idit Sharoni-Pinhas; Rachel Silko; Ayala Shashoua-Miron.

Diplomatic lady members at the Babylonian Jewry Museum
A group of ladies, members of the International Association for Diplomatic Women, visited the Babylonian Jewry Museum. The group is accustomed to hold monthly meetings in order to became acquainted with the culture of various countries. Women diplomats from Yugoslavia, Turkey, Thailand, etc. were among them.

The visit included a meeting with the chairman, Mr. Mordechay Ben-Porat, a metaphoric film on the Center and a conducted tour of the museum. It was rounded off with an authentic Iraqi lunch.