Journal of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
No.14, Autumn 2003




Orly Baher

Herzelia Lukai: shawls and jacket.

The children of the late Rosa Mansur: woman's abaya cloak.

Nissim Shemesh, son of Moshe: tie clips and cufflinks made of silver and niello.

Gourji Dudi: wood comb and soap.

Ada Zur: women's zbun robe with applique.

Mordechai Ben-Porat: pistol and its case and in memory of his wife, Rivka Ben-Porat: sewing machine.

Iris Cohen-Levi: tea spoons, small napkins, scarf and potholder.

Naomi Sofer: phylactery case and embroidered teapot warmer.


Baby Costume for Circumcision Ceremony

India, 19th century, silk embroidered with sequinses

and metalic threads.

Donated by David and Isaac Sasoon


Rachel Levi: izar inclosing veil, woman's abaya cloak, man's zbun robe, abaya chokh man's cloak and man's dishdasha tunic.

Yehoshua Mahleb: two pieces of izar enclosing a veil.

Jacob Benjamin: silver shakardan serving dish for sweets.

The children of Farha and Yosef Zuala: nafnuf   baby's dress with applique, fabric in broderie and nazla bed frill embroidered with tel tinsel.

Simha Shembikho: coffee cups and saucers, aluminium bowl, ketubbah marriage contract case and phylactery.

Sami and Clara Maslawi donated silver items: saucers, coffee cups, coffee pot and tray.

Dina, daughter of Aziza and Rahamim Sayag: bed cover in broderie.

Evelyn Ezra in memory of her mother, Rachel Ovadia: cradle blanket, nafnuf   baby's dress and malehfa baby quilt - and in memory of her mother-in-law Rosa Ezra: buqcha wrapping cloth embroidered with tel tinsel.

Eliyahu Izeks and his wife: silver jewellery box.

Edward Zion Dangur: man's sidara hat.

Yehezkel, Saleh Abu Zwili's son: baby's blanket for the circumcision ceremony.

Sima Gafni: tenique dress for the Henna ceremony, bedclothes and small napkins.

Henry Murad (New-York): ktibi amulets and mezuzah in leather case.

Zvulun Hareli in memory of Abraham Hareli (Maslawi): Esther scroll.

Shlomo Levi, Sassoon Yehezkel Levi's son: dagger amulet made of silver on loan.

Simha Cohen, Rima and Reuven Belbul's (Zmiri) daughter: ketubbah marriage contract case embroidered with tel tinsel.

Aliza Habusha in memory of her sister, Mary Bita: buqcha wrapping cloth embroidered with tel tinsel and baby's clothes.

Yafa Ben-Menashe donated items from Kurdistan: qaba'a woman's robe, sudra woman's dress, man's belt, dalinga under garment pants, kerchifs and blanket.

Sassoon and Sara Adaki, Kurdistan borns (Mavasert-Zion): their portraits reproductions in Kurdish costumes.

Rala, Yitzhak Baher's daughter and Meir Baher's wife: izar inclosing veil.

Eli Yosef: Iraqi bank notes.

Dr. Albert Basri: medical school's medals.

Malka Navon: woman's abaya cloak embroidered with kalabdun, izar inclosing veil, qassa dress embroidered with tel tinsel, ziq bodice, tableclothes cushion slip covers, cuffs for qassa dress embroidered with tel tinsel, headscarf, embroidered fabrics, baby's hat and baby's shoes; and in memory of Khatun Barukh Yehuda Shu'a: woman's costume embroidered with tel tinsel and woman's robe.

Aliza Danieli:  nazla bed frill and in memory of her mother, Naima Nathan: bed cover embroidered with tel tinsel.

David and Isaac Sassoon: fabric with the seal of the Sassoon factory, woman's headscarf, baby clothes, small napkin and woman costume embroidered with tel tinsel, undershirts and document.

Yoel (Barazani) Bashani: circumcision knife and circumcision shild made of silver, Esther scroll, shehita ritual slaughtering knife, grind and polish stones.

Naima Sofer: baby bedclothes and small napkin.


Hanukkah Lamp

Baghdad, 1920-1934, silver, cast and cut

Loan of Moshe and Rachel Aqarib's children


Yehuda Rashti: cushion slip cover and cushion for the circumcision ceremony embroidered with tel tinsel.

Rachel and Naim Ezra: bedclothes in broderie.

Ovadia Gavra: cover for Eliyahu's chair and wishmiyi amulet.

Latif Dori: bedclothes.

Aviva (Evelyn) Sofer in memory of her brother Aharon Karkukly: gold amulets chain.

Moshe and Rashel Aqarib's children gave on loan silver items: Hanukkah lamp, glass holder, teaspoons, matchbox holder, cigarette boxes, trays and  ash-trays.

Private collection: silver Hanukkah lamp on loan.

Dagger Amulet

Baghdad, 1933, silver, cut and engraved

Loan of Shlomo Levy, Sassoon Yehezkel Levi's son


Shalom Dayan in memory of his mother, Simha Zilkha: skirt of a wedding gown and dress embroidered with tel tinsel.

Moshe and Victoria Jorji: sigha mal lhif central embroidered decorative petch for quilt.

Ariel Soref: cooking stove.

The silver smith Bill Gros: shawls.

Naima Bashi and her sons: silverware.

Cyril Cohen (Calcutta) in memory of his mother Rebecca (Ruby) Cohen: silver qumqum spice box on loan.

Reuven Fala: barmale blanket.

Moshe Eliyahu: silverware and Rimmon Torah finial.

Dr. Shaul Sehayik: spatula and belbula wick holder made of silver.

Saida Khalif: cushion slip cover in broderie and shakasa mal silan bowl.

Rachel and Shibbat Yehoshua': bedclothes and curtains in broderie.

Sara Neqar: prayer shawl and phylactery case embroidered with tel tinsel.

Habiba Tweg in memory of her husband Yehezkel: hijil woman anklets.

The children of the late Tefaha Kashi: bedclothes, tablecloth, dress, ketubbah marriage contract case and cloth for toilette table embroidered with tel tinsel, izar inclosing veil, buqcha wrapping cloth, belt with silver buckle, tenique dress for Henna ceremony and bedclothes.


Cushion Slip Cover (detail)

Baghdad, 1925-1926, silk, cotton, and full embroidered with tel tinsel

applique. Donated by the children of Tefaha Kashi


Sgula (Violette) Cohen: woman's robe embroidered with tel tinsel.

David and Rachel Shemesh in memory of Jamil Shlomo: man's sidara hat.

Dalia Pirhner, in memory of her mother, Habiba Habusha: nafnuf  baby's dresses and cushion embroidered with tel tinsel and in memory of her aunt, Muzli Mashiah: woman's jacket made of velvet, ketubbah marriage contract case and woman's robe embroidered with tel tinsel, night-gowns, robes, dress and textiles.

Hanna Galpand and Tova Shtekel in memory of their parents, Menashe, son of Ester and Miriam, daughter of Rivka Maguli: aluminium bawl and kifkir coladle.

Karmelit Agam: night- gown.

Daisy Rahamim in memory of her husband, Naim Rahamim: velvet textil and silver knifes with niello.

Rachel (Mashiah) Hadad in memory of her parents Simha, daughter of Tefaha and Yitzhak Khdhoori Mashiah: tasa drinking bowl, qumqum spice boxes, jnijel baby anklets and amulets chain qlada made of silver, copper strainer, boy's zbun robe and kerchief.

The children of Naim and Naima Elwaya: bedclothes with applique, seat covers in broderie and tablecloth.

Hay Shabtu, son of Faraj: towels, woman's vest, woman's robe and kihil kohl.

Hila Israel: silver tillisem amulet and wishmiyi amulet.

The drummer Aharon Cohen: gold pen which was given to him by the Regent Abd El-Illah and gold watch which was given to him by the prime minister of Iraq, Nuri


Marcellei Darzi: graphics works of Ovadia Erez (Darzi).

Yafa Bekhor: bedclothes, embroidered textile, small rug and tapestry.


Woman's Jacket

Baghdad, beginning of the 20th century, velvet embroidered with tel  timsel

Donated by Dalia Pirhner in memory of her aunt Muzli Mashiah


Juliet Yizhak: Ketubbah marriage contract case and ghata mal tengayi jug cover.

Alice Dvora: baby's zbun robes.

Nuriya Faraj: textile items with applique, girl's dresses, nafnuf baby's dresses, boy's zbun robes, small napkins buqcha wrapping clothes, pail, cooking stove, baby's hooded pull-over, tasa drinking bowl, qutiyi mal titin snuffbox, tray, ketubbah marriage contract case embroidered with tel tinsel, tablecloth and bed covers in broderie, cushion slip cover and bracelet.

Shaul Sela': Esther scroll and shehita ritual slaughtering knife.

Hanina Israeli: cooking stove and primus.

Nona Shbero: silver washing bowl, lachag woman's kerchif, knitting needle, buqcha mal jiji u-dik cock and hen wrapping cloth and ketubbah marriage contract case embroidered with tel tinsel, izar inclosing veil and woman's abaya cloak.

Juliet Shaul Gabai, in memory of her husband, Ruben David Said: silverware, bilboola wick holder, qirrayi glass bowl, ketubbah marriage contract case embroidered with tel tinsel, small napkins, cushion slip cover and woman's dress for laylat el-sitti.

Josef Abd El-Aziz (U.S.A.): silver watch.


Pocket Watch

Russia, late 19th century, silver, cast, repousse', engraved and panched

Donated by Josef Abd El-Aziz (U.S.A.)


Bertha Hayut: canopy, bed cover, pastry board, prayer shawl and its case, shelf covers, buqcha wrapping cloth and cushion slip cover in broderie.

Menashe Menashe: bowl with portrait of king Faisal and prayer shawl case.

Malka (Sadiq) Katz: safar tas lunch box.

Lea Haim, in memory of her mother, Khatun Abd El-Nabi and her brother, Meir Abd El-Nabi: bedclothes, buqcha wrapping clothes and seat cover.

Faiza Solomon (Abd El-Nabi): hawan morter and pestle kihil kohl and magh'ha fan.

Mahruza Natan: ghata mal tingayi  jug covers.

Karmela Cohen: barmale blanket.

Tikva and Uri Chitayat: five Iraqi bank notes and Jordenian bank note.

Shmuel Aharon: blanket.

Mary Shahrabani: woman's slippers.

Abraham Abras: Ketubbah marriage contract case embroidered with tel tinsel.

Ilana Cohen in memory of her mother, Hela Haimjan: izar  inclosing veil.

Yehezkel Melamed in memory of his father, David Mualem: prayer shawl, phylactery and its case.

Binyamin Eliakim: baby's zbun robe.

The gymnastics teacher Moshe Hasan: phylactery.

Aliza Eliakim in memory of her mother Gourjia Eliyahu Shemesh: sigha mal lhif central embroidered decorative patch for quilt.


Amulets Chain (Qlada)

Silver, cast cut, repousse', engraved and panched

Donated by Rachel (Mashiah) Haddad, in memory of her

parents, Simha daughter of Tefaha, and Yitzhak Khdhoori Mashiah


Shlomo (Salim) Shuker: millata baby's bottle.

Aliza Zangi: cushion slip cover in broderie.

Rachel Mualem: cushion slip cover in broderie.

Yehezkil and Najiya Halabi: two pieces of izar inclosing veil.

David Shemesh: silver teaspoon, plate and prayer book.

The late Naim Twena: phonograph record player.

Zvi Bar-Nissim: girdle.

Marcelle Mani: izar inclosing veil.

The children of the late Saida Karkukly: gold hakel amulets chain.

Yafa and Ezra Masasa: quri teapot with portrait of King Faisl.

The "Hekhal Shlomo" synagogue's committee and the community: Torah casket and Torah parchment.

Dr. Naim and Doris Dayan: man's zbun robe, man's sidriyi vest, silver tilisem amulet and shawl/textile decoration for the Torah.

Rachel and Dr. Gourji Raby (New-York): medals collection of the medicine faculty of Baghdad.

Zohar Vilbush: baby caps for the circumcision ceremony.

Ezra Abu Nil's children: plate with a photograph in it.

Aviva and Amos Cohen in memory of Salima Cohen: bedclothes in broderie.

Esperance Horesh Clarice Horesh, Ezra and Eli Kahtan, Farha Kahtan's  children: izar inclosing veil and cushion slip cover.

Miriam Shamai: shehita ritual slaughtering knives.

Ruben Zibly: silver vase.

Saida, Abed Eliyahu Abed Aghasi's wife: man's zbun robe, hyasa man's girdle, dress and buqcha wrapping cloth embroidered with tel tinsel, malehfa baby's quilt, buqcha wrapping cloth and baby's bed cover.

Ronit and Zvi Shahar (Bashi): silver salt and pepper shaker.

Georgette Mansur: tray.

Evelyn Mashiah: cooking stove.

Hanna Izbeda: small napkin embroidered with tel tinsel.

Abraham Shmuel in memory of his wife, Linda (Karmela) Shmuel: small Esther scroll.


Two items from the Medal's Collection of Medicine Faculty of Baghdad

Iraq, 1927-1932, bronze, cast

Donated by Rachel and Dr. Gourgi Raby (New-York)


Isaac Sassoon: bridegroom's zbun robe and bride's shawl.

Aviva Razel: bedclothes, tableclothes and shelf covers in broderie.

Dr. Zvi Yehuda: child's dishdasha tunic.

The children of the late Naima (Dina) Azuri: baby's pull-over, woman's robe, woman's night-gowns, baby's clothes, woman's gloves, diapers and reconstructed pushi veil.

Shoshana and Shafik Masasa: radio.

Esperance Horesh: bed sheets in broderie.

Victoria (Rajwan) Azuz in memory of her father, Zadka Sassoon Rajwan: prayer shawl case embroidered with tel tinsel.

Evelyn Ofek in memory of her mother, Tova Gafni: small napkin, nazla bed frill, cloth for toilette table, night-gown case and bed cover embroidered with tel tinsel.

Madeleine Shina: nafnuf  baby's dress and woman's robe embroidered with tel tinsel.

The children of the late Aziza and Reuven Daisi: bedclothes, glass items and tasa drinking bowl.

Tina (Valentine) Ivan in memory of Yosef Yakov Sit El-Kul: wine cup for child and Torah Pointer made of silver.

Keren and Rafi Zekharia in memory of Tefaha Zekharia: shawl.

Odri Dayan: curtains in broderie.

Madeleine and Yosef Adolami: izar enclosing a veil.

Joyce Shemesh in memory of her uncle Salman Ozni: izar inclosing veil and sidriyi man's vests.

Shula Levi: silk textile, buqcha wrapping cloth and cuff embroidered with tel tinsel.

Acquisition: silver hands.

Yafa and Perez Barhak: vessel, copper plate and washing bowls.

Reuven Yehezkel in memory of his wife Hela (Tova and Yosef Mualem's daughter): dhafayer lock jewel made of gold.

Teverze Manhu and her son Morris Manu in memory of Yehezkel Manhu: barmale blanket.

Dalia and Arie (Gourji) Ivan: bedclothes in broderie.

Madeleine Mahleb in memory of her aunt, Khatun Dori:

seat cover.

Aliza Hazon in memory of her mother, Amuma Haba: aluminium strainer.

The Bahri family from Teberias, in memory of the mother Rachel Bahri: woman's zbun robe and in memory of the father, Hayim Bahri (Haya el sayigh min Arbil): gold smith tools.

Simha Ben-Yakov: tray, pot, bedclothes, seat covers and shelf covers in broderie, cushion slip front and pashtamal towel.